When it comes to expression, Clickity Clank sets the bar. Need help creating a stage presence on and offline? Just want to bounce some ideas around with industry professionals? Our specialists will put the ultimate plan together to develop your look and build your brand.


Print & merchandising

From promo cards to merch, stage scrims to poster printing, we maintain relationships with industry leading providers of the materials you need to be successful.


Fan Building

We know and love data. It makes us nerds, but it makes you popular. Our creative user management platform can seamlessly build and manage your fan base.



We take on the tedious of maintaining the technology required to successfully execute dynamic online campaigns and digital media management.


Graphic Design

Our business is rooted deeply in graphic design. It is our mantra to make sure that image comes second to none. First impressions can only be made once, get it right.


Website Solutions

A website is a digital playground. You control what your fans do and don't see. This is your home, the epicentre of your marketing strategy - we help you own it.



Without a recognizable, unique and trusting band image, fans will have little to connect with in this media saturated 21st century - we make you visible.

Bands & Brands We've Worked WithWork with us

  • Classified
  • illScarlet
  • Kevin Lyman
  • Leah Daniels
  • Skratch Bastid
  • Walk Off The Earth